4 Ways to Show Your Gratitude to Your Customers

Thank You!By: Nancy Garberson, MOL

Organizations, in an effort to stay close to customers need to show their softer side with transparency, steady discussions, and educational content that makes the organization a valuable resource. All organizations try to be open, visible and helpful but those that are as genuine as possible, are the most successful.

Leaders are taught to be transparent because it allows organizations to be trusted in a world where many organizations are proven untrustworthy. Sincere communication makes your customer feel appreciated. This establishes lasting customer relationships.

Think of the kinds of friendships you have – why are they sustainable? Do you ask about their needs and show genuine interest? I know my favorite friends always ask about me first – how have I been, what am I doing today, etc….? Then the discussion progresses into shared interests. Can you do this with your customers and clients? Can you legitimately show them that you care? Because you do, right? That appreciative consideration goes a long way

  1. Stay in touch with customers often – share articles you see that they would love to read, have your own newsletter to update them, and give them a reason to want to visit with you.
  2.  Send a card on their birthday, for a special holiday (but be attuned to ethnic and religious issues), or just send an email once-and-awhile showing that you care about them as an individual. Even posting a birthday wish on Facebook means a lot.
  3. Show you care by remembering things about them – are they married? Do they have children? Do they have an aging parent under their care?
  4. Admit mistakes and move on – if you’ve made a mistake working with them, tell them right away and apologize quickly, take ownership! This will preserve the trust because they see you wanted them to know right away – you cared enough to want to maintain a relationship with them.

Organizations need to show dependability, because it’s more essential than ever to be as open as possible and to communicate effectively to preserve loyalty. Actions reveal just how much an organization values customers. Be grateful, be considerate, and show your customers the kindness you feel toward them.

Founder, Marketing & Communication Strategies, Inc.