Fall is a Cool Time for a New Product Launch

fall is the best time to launch a new produtBy: Nancy Garberson, MOL

Fall is an exciting time in business because everyone is serious about kicking-butt before the end of the year! We want those numbers up before December 31st and fall provides the potential for remarkable achievement. With the cooler weather upon us, we ignite our push for year-end success! A new product launch calls for a different approach than managing an existing campaign.

A successful product launch requires you to reach out to your current clients to leverage their help, but to concurrently create awareness to new distinctively different demographics that your new product or service appeals to.

The primary goal of developing and launching a new product should be to attract new customers to the company, not just drag the old customers back in the door. A winning product launch needs a larger marketing budget and a marketing plan that is considerably more aggressive. Your goal is to quickly raise awareness and buzz!

All marketing plans need research, perspective and time to build. Make sure the research is solid – use all types of marketing research: online, focus groups, questionnaires and exit-style research.

Even research to test your message is essential. Gather a group of existing and potential customers, and demonstrate the product to them to see what they say. Get them to ask questions.

Establish some kind of measurement process. When creating your marketing plan, include metrics, then measure and watch them to make sure your plan is producing the desired results.

Buzz can start with some public relations, social media and some great content for blogging activities. Do you know where to find the new customers you want to reach? Building awareness to generate sales on the right channels is critical!

If a new product launch is in your plans for this fall, give is a call, we’re happy to get the buzz started!

Founder, Marketing & Communication Strategies, Inc.