Growing Brand Awareness! Is Your Organization Top-of-Mind?

growing brand awarenessBy:  Nancy Garberson, MOL

Some companies just take off, while others sink without a trace. How can that be? The organizations that hit the market at the right time, have relevance and great marketing blossom! How’s your brand? These are some things you might want to ask with the rebirth of spring – budding plants all around us – and the opportunity to achieve lasting success and sustainability.

What’s the next success? What have you planned for your brand? How will you exploit what works? Will that feel like a natural extension of the relationship that your customers already have with you? Your purpose should provide clear plans for future progress.

How do you look at your business? Is there something that can extended your offering that is on the horizon?

How do you turn what you already have into something better? Innovation is always key. Can you improve? Can you extend your offering? Can you be the “best” in each of your categories?

Brands that provide customers with information will need to find ways to keep the facts exciting. Beyond just new particulars, what new involvement would inspire purchasers to look at your brand?

Where’s the connection? What’s the impending offer to connect? The best chance at staying in business may be how an organization can manage and share their information. How can customers invigorate their engagement with your brand?

Answer: Brands need to offer more of themselves to the public to continue to thrive. So thinking of ways to do that makes a brand more complete for the future. Building on what you have and expanding the offer boosts the brand.


  • Brands must be prepared to dig through muddy soil in order to grow.
  • Brands must grow what they have to the greatest extent possible, while knowing in and of itself that will probably not be enough. At some point, there normally won’t be enough organic growth to just do more of what you’ve done. Accept change and be prepared to use fertilizer – sometimes pulling weeds isn’t enough.
  • People want information that is specific to them, but then they may want to be able to take those seedlings and plant them somewhere else in their lives.
  • Everyone’s a publisher, constructing a community into what you offer could change the forces at work. People want content that is specific to them. Offering ways to do that adds value and improvements to their garden so that there is a large harvest. (Can you tell I am planning my garden?)
  • Keep looking for ways to be relevant in a changing world and enjoy the benefits of a healthy crop.

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Founder, Marketing & Communication Strategies, Inc.