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“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker


Marketing & Communication Strategies, Inc. (MCS) is a growth strategy firm specializing in the convergent disciplines of marketing, advertising, branding, strategic development, public relations, web development and graphic design. Founded in 1988 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the firm has steadily developed a national and international clientele, providing services to both B2B and B2C focused organizations. The power-packed staff is experienced, versatile and innovative, with emphasis centered on creativity and responsiveness.

MCS employs a comprehensively consultative approach to help clients advance in rapidly changing marketplaces and increasingly short planning time frames.

Meet the Team

Nancy Garberson, Founder, has more than 30 years’ experience; she holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications, and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

Christa Nelson, Marketing Strategist, Web/Graphic Designer, SEO and Social Media Guru, holds a BLA, and graduated magna cum laude with a Master’s of Business Administration.

Anna Patty, Communication Strategist and our resident non-profit expert. She has extensive experience in fund development and is a self-proclaimed data geek. Anna holds a BA in Journalism and Spanish.


So true…

Make the margins BIGGER! The margins are where I take notes, list ideas and flesh out concepts (he he he he he he... flesh). The margins... traditional space of bored doodlers everywhere, but quite probably the next best thing to a sketchbook for many designers.

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Typography “Fun”

Our Senior Art Director has an unhealthy fascination with typefaces. He's even gone so far as to criticize the lack of typographer's quote marks in the title of this post. Apparently the quotes are accurate when published but not when composing...

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Hello Monday

Pantone Chip Monday

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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

If you want to succeed in business and on the web, the content you write can only help when written well.  Not everyone can write … hey, I give everything to Tami Garvin (at our office) to proof and edit. Either way, good or bad, writing makes a huge impact on your business. Having the

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Are There Transformational Leaders Where You Work?

It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, or someone who feels you have no power at all within an organization …. leadership can come from anywhere. You don’t have to be the person proclaimed to be in-charge to raise the bar, in fact, sometimes you can do more from below than you

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How to get customers with public relations?

Public relations is critical to any organization's success! PR should be seamlessly integrated into your marketing program, permitting you to maintain awareness even after the initial PR buzz fades. With social media and other forms of extensions, whatever marketing is developed can be unlimited with endless mentions.

Get Proactive with your Marketing!

  1. Measure your advertising and word of mouth referrals ask how they found you.
  2. Connect with your target audience by attending events where you know your potential customers should be.
  3. Get your promotional materials, offers and samples in retail and promotional bags, and gift bags at

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The Unedited Path

You’re running. Not from or to anything, just for the pleasure of the experience. The breeze is cool, the sun and high clouds make the perfect backdrop for “taking it all in.” Your pace is strong, nearly effortless in its rhythmic consistency. Your breath and heartbeat syncopate a strong, steady tempo. Simultaneously your mind clears of all humdrum

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